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IV Infusion Therapy at
Flowing Life Direct Health

IV Infusion Therapy is a safe and effective way to receive vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream, making them instantly accessible by the body for use. At Flowing Life Direct Health, come relax for your treatment session with our provider. You will leave feeling refreshed and energized as a result of our physician formulated therapies.

Benefits of IV Infusion Therapy include maintained hydration, improved vitamin absorption, increased energy levels, and helping you stay healthy. Oral supplements only offer 30% absorption, compared to almost 100% absorption through IV therapy. At FLDH we offer a wide variety of therapies, based on your specific needs. Join FLDH memberships for discounted pricing on IV Infusion Therapy and IV infusion Lab set.

No membership is required for this service. Call or book your consultation online now!


For natural defense and immunity boosting to help fight off and prevent many common illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, chronic pain/fatigue, and seasonal allergies to name a few.

Sacred Well $199
Majestic Falls $199


When you’re needing extra fluids from lack of oral hydration, recent illness or exercise get your energy boost with these super hydrating drips.

Gentle Rain $147
Vitamin Sea $199


Replenish your body and promote cell regeneration for improved cognitive function and noticeably healthier hair, skin and nails.

Radiant Springs $355
Liquid Soul $199
Fountain of Life $700


From improving mental clarity and focus to reducing headaches and toxic metal buildup, these therapeutic infusions will have you feeling your true self again.

River Sound $199
Holy Water $199
Cleansing Stream $227


ALL first time guests enjoy all the benefits of a Flowing Life VIP IV Club Member.

Treatment includes a 1000mL bag of IV fluid, Two (2)

Enhancements and member pricing on additional items.

Limit one per customer. Restrictions Apply. All guests must show a valid ID.

VIP IV Club Member

All Flowing Life VIP IV Club Members receive:
● 1000mL IV Fluid with
● Two (2) Enhancements
● 50% off all additional enhancements and treatments

IV Hydration Packages

1000 mL IV Fluid and 50% off Enhancements per Treatment
● Three (3) Treatments $359
● Five (5) Treatments $499
● Ten (10) Treatments $879

Enhancement Options:

● Vitamin/Nutrient Injections (ie: Vitamin B12, Lipotropics)
● Medication Injections (ie: Toradol, Zofran)
● Infrared Light Therapy
● Massage Chair
● Infrared Light Therapy

Restrictions Apply.

All guests must show a valid ID.

In order to assess overall patient suitability for IV infusion therapy, our physician has established
the following protocols:

1. Completion of medical questionnaire
2. Discussion and Assessment with Flowing Life Direct Health Medical Personnel
3. Taking of Client Vital Signs
4. Client Treatment Agreement and Authorization

Flowing Life Direct Health only offers diagnostic services for our direct primary care members.

Therefore, our medical guidelines are strict and specific for all IV services. Some health conditions may disqualify you from receiving some of your treatments. For pregnant women and oncology patients, Flowing Life Direct Health is unable to provide services without written consent from your personal physician.


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