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Dr. Candace Walker

Candace Walker, MD

Dr. Walker is Board Certified in Family Medicine, and she has spent a decade practicing medicine in the Atlanta suburban area. The traditional volume-based practice setting established barriers in the care that Dr. Walker could provide for her patients. She sought an alternative method for meeting the needs of those under her care in a personalized, integrative way.

She is passionate about the “doctor-patient relationship,” and affectionately now calls it the “doctor-member relationship.” Her desire to spend time with her members allows her to treat each uniquely according to his or her needs. She believes the greater degree of access individuals have to their physician will improve overall health outcomes. Direct Primary Care supports lower member panels and timely, more impactful appointments. This means healthier, happier members, and a healthier, happier doctor!

Dr. Walker has found that she is able to not only diagnose and treat members, but also mentor members in lifestyle modification to restore their bodies physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She does this by incorporating therapies such as yoga, IV nutrition, and health coaching into her medical practice.

When Dr. Walker is not busy with her practice, she is practicing yoga, enjoying the mountains and spending time with her family.


Flowing Life Direct Health

Flowing Life Direct Health is about creating a healthier YOU. With comprehensive care, we are committed to you as an individual, and that is how you will be treated. Starting with your executive physical, we’ll explore your health goals for the year and set your plan in place. You are your own, individual being and will be treated as such.

Dr. Walker founded Flowing Life Direct Health to have the freedom to spend time with her patients to heal and restore their health by utilizing holistic health and wellness, along with western science. Time helps develop a trusted relationship between patient and physician. Time spent with members also gives her understanding of the uniqueness of each patient. With this complete understanding, she is able to develop a treatment plan that focuses on the health and life of that person.
At Flowing Life Direct Health, we offer convenient and timely appointments. We utilize a modern, evidence-based approach to holistic health and wellness. Our mission is to come alongside you to reach your optimal health.

The expertise of Dr. Walker’s medical skills and root-cause analysis creates an individualized lifestyle plan for each patient to restore and reach optimal health. Our members are prescribed strategies for health such as: lifestyle modification, IV nutrition therapy, infrared therapy, and yoga along with traditional care measures. Each of these strategies work together for restoration and optimization. We want life to flow through every person.

Flowing Life Direct Health is the resource for health that every individual needs.

Flowing Life Direct Health

Wellness and Prevention are the cornerstones of Primary Care.

Your health is prioritized at Flowing Life Direct Health with personalized assessments, analysis and planned follow-up care management. Your membership includes an annual Executive Physical, Health Goal Planning, and the convenience of onsite lab draws, in-depth lab result interpretation, discounted medications and supplements, member pricing on all treatments including IV infusion therapy, Vitamin Injections and Joint Injections. Most importantly, you have direct access to your doctor.


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