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Direct Primary Care Membership is stress-free and easy-going.
Health insurance is not healthcare. You need healthcare where advocacy, convenience, and access are a given.

The direct primary care model is a monthly or annual membership that allows our members to experience primary care as it should be…stress-free and easy-going. That’s the flow-based journey you’ll feel at Flowing Life.

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Take control of your health. Join Flowing Life Direct Health membership for personalized and
preventive primary care.

The only care that is accessible to everyone
Direct Primary Care is the only care that is accessible to everyone.

We do not discriminate against insurance plans. It is the only experience that is open to everyone, everywhere. Member experience is elevated by education, familiarity, convenience, and trust. For $275 or less per month, you too can feel the difference of personalized care.

Service-driven leadership
Everything is centered around the physician & member relationship. When people can connect free of barriers, great things happen. We believe that this is the best way to access great care.

Our team consists of individuals that work everyday to lift up and support members. We pride ourselves on knowing our members and providing the best care that we can.

Service-driven leadership


Direct access to your doctor by text, email, video or phone
Flexible scheduling to meet your needs with no crowded waiting rooms
As many visits as you need and unhurried appointments
Convenient monthly or annual billing with no co-pays or admin fees
Personalized and comprehensive healthcare that is unique to you and your needs
Member pricing on labs, imaging, IV infusion therapy, Vitamin injections and Infrared Light

**IV infusion therapy, Vitamin injections and Infrared Light Therapy also offered outside of


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